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Still searching for your dream wedding dress? The dress we're featuring today just may have you in pursuit of a celebratory cocktail. It's so stunning we couldn't wait another month to show it to you! Today we will discuss our Model Rosil, from the 2015 Two by Rosa Clará collection. This beaded lace and tulle, flower ball gown in gold is sure to make you feel like royalty. 
The portrait neckline on this model is most flattering on a bride with fuller arms or one with a prominent collarbone. The low, wide scoop offers a flattering view of the skin on the chest, without revealing any cleavage, and offers one of the most feminine and classic looks in bridal fashion.  If you want to accentuate the neckline we recommend that you put your hair up and abandon the idea of wearing a necklace.
Natural, Beaded, Lace, Tulle, Ball Gown, Destination, Classic, Romance, Vintage, Button Loop, Portrait, Shoulder Straps, Natural, Sleeveess
The bodice and the delicately trimmed full skirt are separated by a floral-accented sash made of lace and silk organza. The combined fitted bodice and full skirt this silhouete encompasses is a perfect way to add curves to a boyish figure. The button loop closure detail on the back side gives this model a vintage feel. You can even pair this model with long gloves for even more of a “wow” factor. 
Natural, Beaded, Lace, Tulle, Ball Gown, Destination, Classic, Romance, Vintage, Button Loop, Portrait, Shoulder Straps, Natural, Sleeveess
An elaborate body of tulle adorned with embellished lace gives the perfect touch of romance to this dress. Our team of seamstresses do an amazing job at making the ultra-luxe lace pattern. The sequin underlay serves up the perfect amount of sparkle.
Natural, Beaded, Lace, Tulle, Ball Gown, Destination, Classic, Romance, Vintage, Button Loop, Portrait, Shoulder Straps, Natural, Sleeveess
Hope you love this dress as much as we do! It was chosen as an Editor's Pick by The Knot at their L.A. Couture Show a few weeks ago. Read what they had to say about how it's trending HERE. View the rest of the 2015 Two by Rosa Clará  HERE. Remember, you can always make an appointment to view your favorite Rosa Clará gown on our website HERE

We hope you've enjoyed the pieces we have shown from our Rosa Clará 2015 collection so far. Today, we will dedicate this post entirely  to Soft by Rosa Clara collection, one of the most successful collections of the brand over the past few years for its variety of styles, fabrics and sizes.

Our design team, led by Rosa Clará, day after day studies trends and design pieces adaptable to the particularities of each woman in each market. Several years ago, the trend report revealed a change in bridal fashion- it was becoming increasingly varied. Quickly they set to work to make a completely separate collection under Rosa Clara- to embody this change and tailor to all every brides’ needs. So this is why this Soft by Rosa Clara collection was created. 

Natural, Tulle, Sheath, Beach & Outdoor, Romance Beach & Outdoor, Desination, Romance, Illusion, Illusion, Sweetheart, Natural, Sleeveess

The model, Iana, is an embroidered tulle dress with rhinestones brooch in a natural color. As you can see, HERE the entire collection is made up of lots of styles and suit all tastes, ages and celebrations; for example, brides marrying at a later age and think they have grown past the ball gown,  brides who put comfort first,  brides who want to celebrate intimate ceremonies or very modern non-traditional bride… If you feel like you can identify with amy of these types of brides… No doubt, this is your collection! 

Natural, Beaded, Chiffon, Lace, Sheath, Beach & Outdoor, Romance Beach & Outdoor, Desination, Beach and Outdoor, Romance, Illusion, V-neck, Lace Detail, Illusion, Sweetheart, Natural, 3/4 Length, Illusion

The Irene model, is a chiffon and beaded lace sheath gown in a natural colour. One feature of this collection is that the vast majority of trains have a perfect length so you can be comfortable all day without changing your dress. Our advisors will help you choose the perfect dress, always making sure you are as comfortable as possible. 

Ivory, Guipure, Beaded, Trumpet, Beach & Outdoor, Romance Beach & Outdoor, Desination, Modern, Beach and Outdoor, Classic, Romance, Vintage, Button Loop, Strapless, Sweetheart, Natural, Sleeveess

The Ivana model, is made of guipure, a particularly original fabric that looks very elegant as you move.

HERE you can see the full collection. You will see that there are a variety of necklines, fabrics, backs … To find just what you were looking for!

If you think your style suits the line Soft by Rosa Clara and want to know how you feel in them just make an appointment through our website or by phone. We will be happy to serve you!

Go ahead and make an appointment!

Yesterday was a very special day for our latest Rosa Clará bride, Mónica Sors, writer of Mes Voyages à París. The team at Rosa Clará wants to congratulate her on her wedding and birthday, which is today! She was gorgeous with the Sharon model from the Rosa Clará 2015 collection. See the whole collection HERE. Stay tuned because we will post the wedding pictures very soon!

And now… We reveal the wedding dress of the month! Cordoba, a dress that at first glance looks simple but then you realize is gorgeous from every angle. You’ll see!

We start with the front. Crew neckline, perfect for girls with a small bust. The top of this model must be tight, without creases, and that’s why this dress is composed of two parts: silk knit bode on one side and a long raw silk skirt on the other.

Ball Gown, Beach & Outdoor, Destination, Modern, Romance, Button Loop, Low Back, Scoop, Shoulder Straps, Natural, Cap

A beautiful silk bow adds an ultra feminine touch to this dress, which is one of the special details of our designer. But the real highlight of this model and what makes it unique is the bottom of the skirt. If you look closely, the front is a little shorter, which allows you to showcase your beautiful shoes on your big day. For shoe lovers who want to wear them all day, you have found your model!

Ball Gown, Beach & Outdoor, Destination, Modern, Romance, Button Loop, Low Back, Scoop, Shoulder Straps, Natural, Cap

And what can I say about the back of the dress? When you look at the front of the dress you imagine that the back will be simple but… Voilà! You encounter a sexy neckline that exposes the entire back. We love dresses that have unexpected details that take you by surprise. In the end, it’s what makes a bride decide to try one model over another.

Ball Gown, Beach & Outdoor, Destination, Modern, Romance, Button Loop, Low Back, Scoop, Shoulder Straps, Natural, Cap

Do you like this model? Our team at headquarters is still in love with it, even after a full year… And we’ve seen it several times!

Remember that 2014 models are still available! You can contact your nearest store HERE to make an appointment and see how you feel in this dress.

Today we'd like to feature Cris and Miki's romantic wedding which took place in the heart of Madrid. She was really excited about her wedding that turned out to be fit for a fairytale. You only need to see the pictures to know that it's true.

Rosa Clará Bride: Cristina

The ceremony was held at the Santa Barbara Church, in the heart of Madrid, in a building dazzling with beauty, both inside and out. With large stately columns and long staircases at the entrance, all of these features made it unique.

Besides its beauty, it had special meaning to the bride, whose parents were married in the same church 37 years ago.

Rosa Clará Bride: Cristina

Rosa Clará Bride: Cristina

How did you find your Rosa Clará dress?

I knew I wanted a simple dress, but one that was also unique, that had a touch of originality and elegance. This model was perfect for the big day, the train suited magnificence the church. I took it for the reception and it transformed into a nice evening dress.

I don’t like front necklines but I love back necklines, another reason why I chose this model. I tried on several dresses from different brands but this was the one that convinced me from the beginning.

Rosa Clará Bride: Cristina

Rosa Clará Bride: Cristina

Badajoz // 2013 Rosa Clará Collection


The blushing bride wore a beautiful mantilla, also from Rosa Clara, which matched the dress perfectly. The mantilla was transparent so you could see the back neckline. She wore two silver accessories in her hair loaned by her godmother. Her simple bun was perfect as it showed off the jeweled collar of the dress.

Rosa Clará Bride: Cristina

Rosa Clará Bride: Cristina

What was the most emotional moment?

For me there were two unforgettable and touching moments, the entering the church and walking down the aisle on my father’s arm towards Miki and our families who where very excited.

The second moment was at the end of dinner, during the toast when my husband made a lovely speech thanking his immediate family, mine, and both mothers, one by one, thanking all that we had done for him and showing what we mean to him.

I never forget this sentence, "Cris, baby, you're what I've always dreamed of, every day is perfect because you are with me and I am sure my mother, who is watching from above, is happy knowing that I am in good hands "

He made people cry that I have never seen cry before! I've seen the video a hundred times and I cry every time, I married a really special and unique person.

Rosa Clará Bride: Cristina

Rosa Clará Bride: Cristina

The reception was held in the Castillo de Viñuelas, a fairy tale castle, with unforgettable surroundings and the best catering. It was the perfect location for the celebration with all of its special touches. Like a long red carpet lit by lanterns on both sides to welcome the guests.

Rosa Clará Bride: Cristina

Any advice for future brides?

I don’t like to give advice… but enjoy the day because it happen so quickly, it's true !! Before you know it it’s already the next day.

You have to enjoy all the preparations and the day in general as much as possible.

Also make your dreams come true, I didn’t deprive myself of anything when I organized the wedding, I wanted it to be the wedding of my dreams, with all special touches and with my prince and it was; the September 13, 2013 I enjoyed my fairy tale ...

Rosa Clará Bride: Cristina

Rosa Clará Bride: Cristina

Photography: Aulocolorcenter




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