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North American Blog

Today we’d like to discuss the wedding dress of the month! 

The UGO dress from the Soft by Rosa Clara collection has been a long anticipated model. It embodies many of the values of today's bride: modern and daring. Both accomplished with less volume and a beautifully constructed low back to add a feminine and sexy touch.

Soft by Rosa Clara is a romantic collection, created with light and airy fabrics. It’s ideal for brides who are looking for less pompous and simpler pieces that stand out because of their elegance. 

Natural, Beaded, Sheath, Destination, Romance, Low Back, Shoulder Straps, Natural, Illusion, Sleeveless

This dress is embroidered with intricate beadwork in a natural color and an illusion sweetheart neckline. 

We’ve put a lot of thought and effort into this model, each bead is embroidered by hand. If an alteration or a modification has to be made to the dress, our dressmakers have to undo the beadwork and sew them back on stone by stone.  The ornate embellishment makes a pattern throughout the dress that needs to be centered and perfectly stitched.

We want to congratulate our dressmakers who do a great job, especially with this model--there’s a lot of manual labor involved. They are the ones who finally sew the dress for the bride to look perfect on her day.

Natural, Beaded, Sheath, Destination, Romance, Low Back, Shoulder Straps, Natural, Illusion, Sleeveless

You can check out the entire collection here.

Escort card displays are now becoming more unique by incorporating many different themes and ideas. Some of our brides have been steering away from using paper and instead becoming more creative and even going green with their escort card displays. Here are some of the big hits from recent weddings!


1. Mirrors

Mirror Escort Cards
Mirrored escort cards add a dramatic backdrop for your decor and not to mention, a great way for your guests to check hair and makeup, before making their way to their seats. Write guests name on the back of decorative double sided mirrors. For larger weddings, consider grouping tables in alphabetical order or by relationship to the couple to make it easy for guests to locate their spot.


2. Succulents 

Succulents Escort Cards

Succulent wedding escort cards are perfect for summer! This would be a lovely idea for a rustic chic wedding; the succulent would complement your woodland, rustic decor and provide a minimalist (yet chic) appearance. If you are a DIY bride, they are easy, budget friendly and can also serve as your favors. 


3. Escort Card + Favor

Escort Cards + Favor

I love wedding escort card ideas that can double as a wedding favor. What's even better is when the escort card is something personalized. The bride from this wedding created a special fragrance and bottled it up for all who attended. 


4. Library Catalog 

Library Catalog Escort Cards

If you're planning a librarian theme wedding this wedding escort idea will fit perfectly for you! Send your guests to their seats with an escort card that doubles as decor and will add a fun and creative touch to your wedding. 



5. Cassette Music Tapes

Cassette Tape Escort Cards

If the '80s are calling and you are rocking converse sneakers on your big day, then this is the perfect wedding escort card idea for you! 


6. Compass Escort Cards

Compass Escort Cards

Planning a nautical wedding? Take a cue from this real wedding example and revel in these delightful thematic escort cards. They’re quite perfect.


7. Mini Cupcakes

Mini Cupcake Escort Cards

These mini cupcakes make excellent escort cards and can be enjoyed with a pre-dinner cocktail. 


From chic to playful, there are wedding escort card ideas for every wedding theme. Personally I love the mirrored the most, what about you? What are you or did you use for your wedding escort cards?



Our “Rosa Clará Bride” of the week is Ana and we are bringing you the details of her wonderful day via our Spanish blogAna and Jonnhy got married in Santa Clara chapel in Vigo, a very special and poignant place. Below we share all the details of a perfect wedding; surprises, lots of little touches--full of love…
The twosome wedded in the Santa Clara chapel, in Vigo Spain. It’s the chapel that Ana grew up going to and where all her family members got married. There was no doubt in her mind, and she knew had to get married there.
Rosa Clara Bride: Ana
Ana got ready at her grandparent's home. A place filled with a lot of sentimental value.
Rosa Clara Bride: Ana
Rosa Clara Bride: Ana
How did you find your Rosa Clará dress?
I found it on the Rosa Clara website and I thought, “if it suits me, this is my dress”. I went to try it on at the Rosa Clará store and I knew it was for me. I tried on another dress to get rid of any doubts, and that dress seemed like it wasn't designed with me in mind. I didn’t have any doubts, it was love at first sight!
Scoop Neck, 3/4 Sleeves, Shoulder Straps, Natural, Beading, Mikado, Lace, Button Loop
Scoop Neck, 3/4 Sleeves, Shoulder Straps, Natural, Beading, Mikado, Lace
Adelfa // Rosa Clará 2012 
Rosa Clara Bride: Ana
The bride adorned her perfect dress with simple pieces. She wore a white gold bracelet from her grandmother and a pair of teardrop earrings she bought herself.
She also wore open-toed shoes that had a low heel. 
The bouquet was made up of fressias and pink callas.
Rosa Clara Bride: Ana
Did you get nervous?
The truth is that I totally enjoyed the wedding so I didn’t get nervous at all. The most intense moment was when the car was on the way to the chapel, I remember my nervous breathing perfectly.
Rosa Clara Bride: Ana
The reception was held at the Pazo “Los Escudos”. It’s a great place, with a large living room with high ceilings and views of the ocean. They took advantage of the venue's very nice gardens by taking pictures there--which allowed them to cut down on traveling time.
Rosa Clara Bride: Ana
Rosa Clara Bride: Ana
Do you remember any special or funny moments?
The most special moment, or most intense moment was when I sang to the groom in the chapel. Once the ceremony ended the violins started playing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John and everyone began crying. It was very emotional. I still get goosebumps when I see the video. A funny moment occured while I was gettign dressed. I never thought it would be so hard to button a dress. Everyone helped buttoning my dress, my mother, a friend, my father, the photographer… Even now I remember it as something funny at the time we wasted a lot of time and thought that we wouldn’t be able to finish. So if your dress has many buttons give yourself plenty of time.
Rosa Clara Bride: Ana
Rosa Clara Bride: Ana
Did you have some original or different special touches in your wedding?
The wedding had a lot of special touches, but I don’t know if they were very original: we made a photocall, we put butterflies in each glass to thank the guests, a slideshow of all the guests, the figurines of the bride and groom, we danced a different dance, we personalizad small tokens for the children, we threw two bouquets made of sweets…
But the most original touch was that there were two peolple we wanted to give the garter  to, I gave the one I was wearing to one of them and my partner took the other one that was hidden in his trousers and gave it to the other person.
Rosa Clara Bride: Ana
Do you have any advice for future brides?
For me it was not just the wedding day itself, it was everything that surrounds it, so the best advine I can give is: enjoy, enjoy and enjoy the whole process, from choosing the invitations, wedding rings, clothing, trying different hairstyles… Even alter the wedding, the postwedding, selection pictures…
Another piece of practical advice is to pay for a person to entertain and take care of the children. All guests thanked me for this because they could enjoy the wedding without having to take care of their children. 
Rosa Clara Bride: Ana
Would you like to be featured on our blog?  You can contact us at to share your pictures with us.

Do you love the idea of a vintage wedding? Is the Victorian era your personal favorite? Let’s plan a wedding with elegance and evocative fun.

When planning Victorian weddings, you’ll want to find a suitable garden setting such as a large backyard, park or pavilion area. If you can’t have it outside, choose a Victorian style mansion, Inn, or church with a view of beautiful gardens and an elegant long veranda that allows guests to “stroll” about.

For the decors choose pieces that are elegant and classy looking. Keep in mind that Victorian style tends toward the frilly and feminine. Patterns, which often include floral designs, are used heavily. 

Kimberly Crest Victorian Mansion
Kimberly Crest House and Gardens


Natural, Lace, Slim A-line, Destination, Romance, Button Loop, Strapless, Natural, Strapless
Uribe // Soft by Rosa Clara 2014 


Victorian Vintage Wedding Silk Boxed Invitation
Victorian Vintage Wedding Silk Boxed Invitation


Veil, Two, Lace, Tulle
7AK22 / Rosa Clara Veil


Victorian Vintage Silhouette Desserts
Victorian Wedding Silhouette Desserts


Natural, Beaded, Chiffon, Sheath, Destination, Romance, Vintage, Button Loop, Shoulder Straps, Dropped, Sleeveless
Cintia // Rosa Clara 2014


Victorian Vintage B&W Wedding Bouquet
Victorian Vintage B&W Wedding Bouquet 


Beaded, Lace, Slim A-line, Destination, Beach and Outdoor, Romance, Vintage, Button Loop, Lace Detail, Shoulder Straps, Natural, Illusion, Sleeveless
Mirlo // Two by Rosa Clara 2014


Victorian Vintage Lace Wedding Decor
Victorian Vintage Lace Wedding Decor 


Sweetheart, Lace, Tulle, Shoulder Straps, Sleeveless, Button Loop, Beading, Fit and Flare
Espejo // Luna Novias 2014


Victorian Vintage Wedding Guestbook and Pen
Victorian Vintage Wedding Guestbook and Pen


Beading, Organza, Lace, Brooch, Natural, A-line, Sweetheart, Sleeveless, Shoulder Straps
Oriol // Aire Barcelona 2014


Victorian Vintage Wedding Bouquet
Victorian Vintage Wedding Bouquet


Natural, Beaded, Lace, Organza, A-line, Destination, Classic, Romance, Button Loop, Other, Empire, Illusion
Camerun // Rosa Clara 2014


Elegant Victorian Vintage Wedding Cake
Elegant Lace Victorian Wedding Cake


Beaded, Lace, Sweetheart, Sleeveless, Shoulder Straps, Natural, Ball Gown
Omero // Aire Barcelona 2014


Victorian Vintage Wedding Pedestal
Victorian Vintage Wedding Pedestal


Sleeveless, Shoulder Straps, Sweetheart, Lace, Organza, Natural, Ball Gown
Ginebra // Adrianna 2014


Victorian Vintage Wedding Table
Victorian Vintage Wedding Table 


Beaded, Lace, Tulle, Sleeveless, Shoulder Strap, Sweetheart, Fit and Flare
Nur // Alma Novia 2014


Victorian Vintage Wedding Tablescape
Victorian Vintage Wedding Tablescape


Strapless, Sleeveless, Natural, A-line, Lace, Beading, Jacket, Lace, Beading 3/4 Sleeves
269_0459 // Aire Barcelona Fiesta


Victorian Vintage Wedding Wine List
Victorian Vintage Wedding Wine List


Sleeveless, Shoulder Straps, Lace, Tulle, Sweetheart, Natural, Fit and Flare
Gomera // Adrianna 2014 


Victorian Vintage Wedding Cake
Victorian Vintage Wedding Cake


Beaded, Lace, Tulle, Sleeveless, Shoulder Strap, Sweetheart, Fit and Flare
Nur // Alma Novia 2014 


Victorian Vintage Wedding Menu
Victorian Vintage Wedding Menu


Scoop, Cap Sleeve, Illusion, Beading, Natural, A-line, Tulle
276_0105 // Two Fiesta


Victorian Vintage Wedding Table Decor
Victorian Vintage Wedding Table Decor


Natural, Beaded, Lace, Tulle, Sheath, Destination, Romance, Vintage, Button Loop, Other, V-neck, Natural, Cap, Illusion
Unax // Soft by Rosa CLara 2014


Victorian Vintage Wedding Bouquet
Victorian Vintage Wedding Bouquet

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