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We’re ending the month of July with a very inspirational post! 

In this post we want to share more possibilities and give you inspiration if you don’t know what kind of bouquet you would like. Florists have a wide variety of flowers! Here are some ideas! 

Weddign Bouquets

Such bouquets are for brides who want a safe option when it comes to their bouquet but if you want a touch of color that will be what makes you different. It is a very romantic style for the sweetest bride but you can always give it a special touch, a countryside look, a rustic look, a beach look… depending on your flower arrangement! 

Weddign Bouquets

Gradually, weddings with a particular theme are becoming  more popular, especially the natural themed weddings. The wedding bouquet in this type of weddings is the most important accessory because it gives you the perfect touch to the complete look. We love the different bouquets! 

Weddign Bouquets

And finally, the most original ideas for brides! Three styles of bouquets that will surprise the guests. If you want your wedding to be original and you want to stand out for being  different, choosing the bouquet is very important (you do not have to be weird to be different, with a simple bouquet of daisies you can have the special look you want). 

 Did you find the style of your bouquet? 

We hope it has helped! 


We'd love to start the week and end the month off by featuring the Dress of the Month. 

This time the chosen model is the CASANDRA dress from the Rosa Clara 2014 collection, an elegant ottoman dress with a low waistline. A model for traditional brides who want a modern and original touch to their look.

Mikado dress and train with hemstitch detailing, in a natural colour.

The most romantic part of the dress is the boat neckline with hemstitch. It is the most elegant neckline from the Rosa Clará 2014 collection. If you want to accentuate the neckline we recommend that you put your hair up and forgot wearing a necklace but if you wear one you should wear a little one.

Mikado dress and train with hemstitch detailing, in a natural colour.

The low waistline is another original detail of the dress. It is very flattering for brides who have hips that they prefer to hide. It is also ideal for shorter girls because it makes the body look longer and therefore taller.

What kind of bouquet suits the CASSANDRA model? It’s a very romantic model and we recommend bouquets with big flowers in pastel colors. If your wedding theme is a bit wild you can insert color pastel flowers with green leaves. You will get the perfect bouquet! (For brides who want other bouquet ideas you only have to wait until Thursday, July 31  to read our post about bouquets.

Mikado dress and train with hemstitch detailing, in a natural colour.

And last but not least, the spectacular ottoman train: a train that is the perfect length for brides who want to be comfortable and have a light train. It’s always important to choose the correct length or to have a removable train depending on the type of wedding you want to have. But the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your dress and for it to be the happiest day of your life.


For all brides who are wondering if you can still buy a model from the 2014 collection. No worries!

HERE you have a series of questions and answers about the 2014 and 2015 collections.

Do you like this type of waistline?

You can see the whole Rosa Clara 2014 collection HERE.

The day has arrived! The new Rosa Clará 2015 collection is online already! You can look at the new designs HERE.

The Rosa Clará 2015 Collection pays tribute to iconic Hollywood actresses who have been the muses of the greatest fashion designers over recent decades. The setting of the runway show was inspired by the streets of New York City: the location of so many memorable scenes starring Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany´s, the protagonists of Sex and the City and from Woody Allen´s Annie Hall.

Set against a Manhattan backdrop, the 2015 Rosa Clará Collection featured long and short dresses in a variety of styles, from billowing creations to sheer designs, and made from the finest organza, tulle or silk knit fabrics that emphasised the delicate beauty of today´s modern,cosmopolitan woman. Spectacular backs with exquisite appliques, intricate beadwork embroidery, and new interpretations of classic lace designs.

Corded lace and crepe dress with beading, in ivory
SAETA // Rosa Clará 2015


Chantilly and lace dress with beading and taffeta sash in a natural colour.
SALMA // Rosa Clará 2015

Ottoman dress in a natural colour. Mikado dress in a natural colour.

SENSUAL // Rosa Clará 2015


And if you have any questions about the 2014 and 2015 collections, here are some questions and answers that will hopefully clarify all of them:


When is the 2015 collection going to be in stores? 

 For the moment some pieces from the new collection have been sent to selected stores, and more  will arrive in all the stores in the next few weeks.


If I get married in 2015, can I still get a dress from the 2014 collection? 
For sure. Every year we have a new collection but we also provide the collection from the year before, meaning you can order dresses from the previous season.


What should I do if I want to buy a dress that is not available at the store? 
 Each of our stores carries a very wide selection of our dresses, but they do not carry all of them. If  the dress you want is not available at your closest Rosa Clara store, you can still order  it at the store and they will obtain it for you.


Can the dresses from the new collection be modified? 
The new models from the collection can be modified, but you always have to ask the store to make sure the modification can be done.


If you need any further information click HERE


What do you think of the new collection? You can look at the new 2015 collection HERE.

Give me the beach, ice cream and a gorgeous couple and I'll give you a smile as wide as the sky. We wanted to leave you with this fun sandy engagement session from Randy Lange Photography during today's high summer tide. Make sure to keep scrolling for wedding inspiration and the elegant wedding dresses.


"Rachel and Spencer engagement east Toronto by "the Beaches"

So there are three main things about this couple. 
They LOVE ...
Popcorn & Movies plus a good old fashioned coke
Relaxing Walks (Queen street E/The Beaches/The Danforth) with ovational Ice cream stop
The Beach

As you will be able to tell photographer, Randy Lange, made use of their favorite things and embraced every moment. They are both very creative and aren't scared to try new things or simply have a good time. We asked the Bride-to-be to share her story with us. 
Here is what she said: "How it all began...


It was early 2010, one week after I (Rachel) moved to Toronto, Spencer and I met at a mutual friend's get together. It was an instant connection when Spencer saw Rachel across the room and ventured over to spend the remainder of the evening in conversation. Sparks of a new friendship began; little did we know the road we were heading down. For the next two years we became best of friends. With mutual interests and shared passions for design, photography, music and art, an unknowingly strong & unique bond was growing...until the words I love you could not be denied. That friendship then took a turn for the next chapter in our lives."


The proposal...

"The night began when Spencer picked me up for a dinner date with a bouquet of calla lilies & baby's breath in hand. This wasn't out of the ordinary as he loves to surprise me on any occasion with these. We went to a nice and quaint Italian restaurant located in the Beaches east end. We spent the dinner speaking about how we can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together. (Still wasn't unusual for us) he then said how beautiful of a night it was and that he wanted to take a night shot of the Leuty Lifeguard station on the boardwalk in the moonlight. This was a spot that for four years we would meet in the summer for a day at the beach, or to set a perfect landscape for an afternoon of design. We trekked across the snow to the spot where he began taking pictures. He then brought me on the dock, wrapping his arms around me as we looked out onto the beautiful lake in the moonlight he told me how he had something very special for me. He pulled out a gold necklace which had belonged to his Nonna. Telling me how it would be such an honor if I would wear it. He began to put it on my neck. When I turned around to thank him he was down on one knee....Rachel will you marry me?!"

Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Beach

Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Beach

Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Beach

Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Beach

Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Beach

Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Beach

Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Beach

Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Beach

Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Beach

Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Beach

Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Beach

Engagement Shoot Inspiration: Beach

Photography: Randy Lange Photography

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